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    #1088 Bio-Nexus
    Expires: 3/22/2021
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    Care-Nexus is a leading software end to end cross-platform for the workflow management phases from Point–of–Event through Supervisor to the Command & Control Center. It focuses on the Critical & Tactical levels creating optimal interactive & dynamic digital workflow maintenance process. System collects and performs Data Analysis and has strong Business Intelligence tools for teams and services comparison. Solution unifies different existing systems and it is integrative to any ERP or MRO systems.
    #1081 Bio-Nexus
    Expires: 3/22/2021
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    : Bio-Nexus provides an end to end cross -platforms solution for the creation of interactive & Dynamic Digital medical records. There are currently no systems available to track casualty data from the Point of Injury (POI) onward. There are no systems that digitally connect, document and manage all relevant emergency medical personnel and echelons during emergencies such as natural disaster, terrorist attack, battle, etc.
    #1082 Bio-Nexus
    Expires: 3/22/2021
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    The Aero Nexus System is focused on the aeronautics sector in which it is providing a full real time mobile tactical-operational – maintenance platform both for the civilian and military sectors. Additional vertical platforms are directed at Medical application, infrastructure, Utility sector and MWF (Mobile work forces).