Tarantula Technologies Ltd.

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Asher 11
Apt 7
Netanya 4252462
(050) 644-3846
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    #1090 Tarantula Technoliges Ltd.
    Expires: 3/15/2021
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    Ziko – portable/fixed alert systems for securing open spaces vertical or horizontal, based on a laser field and a control device. Wide area coverage up to 32,800/19,000 square feet (10,000/5800 square meter). System capabilities: 1. Wide area coverage up to 10,000/5,800 square meters 2. Portable easily transported package 3. Deliverable warnings by siren, visual, MMS and SMS, dispatch and Remote pc communication 4. Smart phone operable 5. Independent operation via AC or battery 6. Weatherproof
    #1091 Tarantula Technoliges Ltd.
    Expires: 3/22/2021
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    Hunter 1 - laser based system that automatically alert and prevents the placement of explosive devices under vehicles, Full 360º underbody protection. Patent Process.