Michigan Israel Connect: Automotive

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Technologies: Rubber bonding to Metal and Rubber vulcanization; Metal work including Deep drawing, Cutting and Forming; Machining, Welding, Painting, Preservation, Packing. Products: Wheels Solid Rubber, Track Shoe Assemblies, Hatches / Doors, turrets, seats, floating platform, Fuel Tanks, Track adjusters , Machine Gun Mounts, Large Steel Containers, Large Brackets and Mountings, Logistically Complicated Kits.
Expires: 3/3/2021
KELA provides comprehensive cyber threat intelligence solutions to identify specific, targeted threats on the Darknet using the Radark, our in-house dashboard and platform. These can be leaked IT systems and topology, employee information, user credentials, and product vulnerabilities.
Expires: 2/24/2021
Elmo’s products and solutions have the capabilities to meet any machine motion control challenge: - From complex multi-axis motion control to extremely demanding servo mechanisms - With advanced performance, high precision and accuracy - With the fastest response and speed - Yielding superior results
Expires: 3/23/2021
Hunter 1 - laser based system that automatically alert and prevents the placement of explosive devices under vehicles, Full 360º underbody protection. Patent Process.
Expires: 3/22/2021
Griiip manufactures innovative race cars that deliver extreme performance and utilize cutting-edge technologies, which will change the Motorsport industry and solve its main challenges - high costs and low fan engagement
Expires: 1/18/2023