Michigan Israel Connect: Defense and Homeland Security

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KELA provides comprehensive cyber threat intelligence solutions to identify specific, targeted threats on the Darknet using the Radark, our in-house dashboard and platform. These can be leaked IT systems and topology, employee information, user credentials, and product vulnerabilities.
Expires: 2/24/2021
Technologies: Rubber bonding to Metal and Rubber vulcanization; Metal work including Deep drawing, Cutting and Forming; Machining, Welding, Painting, Preservation, Packing. Products: Wheels Solid Rubber, Track Shoe Assemblies, Hatches / Doors, turrets, seats, floating platform, Fuel Tanks, Track adjusters , Machine Gun Mounts, Large Steel Containers, Large Brackets and Mountings, Logistically Complicated Kits.
Expires: 3/3/2021
SMASH is an add-on electro-optical fire control system, based on target tracking and fire control algorithms which provide the required improvement in marksmanship to significantly improve hit probability, first round hit probability and shorten engagement time. The sighting unit includes a sensor, computer, electronics and a user display.
Expires: 3/8/2021
Hunter 1 - laser based system that automatically alert and prevents the placement of explosive devices under vehicles, Full 360º underbody protection. Patent Process.
Expires: 3/22/2021
• Industry-exclusive fire-protective coating is tested to 2,000°F and met the test objective; no vapors, smoke, or additional flame • Energy absorption adhesive can be applied to metals, plastics and other surfaces to provide protection from impact • Composite vehicle protection technology is 30% lighter and 25% less cost than the high-hard steel equivalent • Human Body protection technology is lighter and less costly than Kevlar-Dyneema® plates, multi-hit capability, and field repairable / scalable
Expires: 3/23/2021