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#1084 Smart Shooter
Technology Description: SMASH is an add-on electro-optical fire control system, based on target tracking and fire control algorithms which provide the required improvement in marksmanship to significantly improve hit probability, first round hit probability and shorten engagement time. The sighting unit includes a sensor, computer, electronics and a user display.
Company Description: Established in response to the demand for both increased assault rifles lethality and operator survivability, the company designs, develops and manufactures advanced systems that provide higher hit accuracy for small arms used by ground troops and law enforcement officers.
The company’s key, patent-pending technologies combine electro-optics, image processing, real-time embedded software, ergonomics, and system engineering to provide real and affordable solutions for modern, symmetric and asymmetric conflicts.
Technology Background: The product assures ultimate target hit in various infantry and HLS scenarios with emphasis on urban scenarios.

Application: Yes – military and homeland security  
Development Stage: Ready for deployment
Target Audience: HLS personnel, Infantry soldiers, SOF soldiers, defense companies ready to collaborate
Keywords: Precise target hit, smart scope, collateral damage, reduced LLC, training
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Contact Information
phone: 9-724-903-7207
3/8/2017 - 3/8/2021
Offer Expires: 3/8/2021
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