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#1086 Supergum Industries Ltd.
Technology Description: Supergum utilizes all known rubber and plastic technologies which exist today, and operates high end machinery and tooling.
Company Description: Supergum is a private company established in Israel in 1956 with over 60 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and marketing rubber and plastic products.
Supergum is Israel's leading rubber and plastic solution provider in the fields of Automotive, NBC protection and Military products.
Technology Background: Supergum operates a strict quality assurance and control system and holds in house capabilities of R&D and Engineering as well as state of the art designing tools and material laboratories.
We take the product from the concept stage to mass production.
Application: Yes!
Target Audience: Automotive OEM’s and Tier-1’s
Keywords: Rubber, plastic, CBRN
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Contact Information
phone: (050) 668-6809
3/9/2017 - 3/9/2021
Offer Expires: 3/9/2021
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