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#1081 Bio-Nexus
Technology Description: Bio-Nexus provides an end to end cross -platforms solution for the creation of interactive & Dynamic Digital medical records. There are currently no systems available to track casualty data from the Point of Injury (POI) onward. There are no systems that digitally connect, document and manage all relevant emergency medical personnel and echelons during emergencies such as natural disaster, terrorist attack, battle, etc.
Company Description Bio-Nexus was established in October 2010 and was incorporated under the laws of Israel as a limited liability company. The company’s HQ is located in Israel and it has a fully owned subsidiary in Boston, USA registered under the local Massachusetts law as Bio-Nexus Inc. and an additional subsidiary registered in Singapore.

The core competence of Bio-Nexus is a Mobile workflow processing software platform that is ready to be deployed.  The product facilitates rapid workflow processing, in environments such as maintenance, critical real time supervision and where accurate execution depends on an efficient workflow processing can make a difference.  It could be defined as an end-to-end digital maintenance platform relevant to the hi-end sector and the creation of a full critical medical record from the Point Of Event all the way to the command and control center. Aero-Nexus is designed to interface with 3rd party existing devices, ERP or depository systems.
Technology Background:
Cross platform connectivity – multiple usages , Hardware agnostic
   Hands free solution
   Client customized  – Flexibility in designing workflows / protocols
   Dynamic interfaces with end users and decision makers
   Bi-directional communication and exchange of critical information
   Interactive Real-time remote supervision
   Embedded advanced algorithms to support decision making
   Complete & Accurate data flow
   After Action Reporting capabilities / Archiving Retrieval capabilities

   Point of Injury accurate data collection
   Enhanced medical capabilities
   Protecting the chain of patient care


   Preparation of HR and equipment
   Multi casualties event management
   Upgrade ER treatment effectiveness
Development Stage: Ready with adaptations

Target Audience: Hospitals, State Police, National Guard, Physician organization, First Responders, Forensic Department

Keywords: Telemedicine, digital medical records, interactive & dynamic
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phone: 9-729-773-3325
3/22/2017 - 3/22/2021
Offer Expires: 3/22/2021
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