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#1087 Elmo Motion Control Ltd.
Technology Description:  
Elmo’s products and solutions have the capabilities to meet any machine motion control challenge:
- From complex multi-axis motion control to extremely demanding servo mechanisms
- With advanced performance, high precision and accuracy
- With the fastest response and speed
- Yielding superior results
Company Description: Elmo’s wide range of high performance motion control solutions, make it a one-stop-shop for any motion application, particularly in AGV, mobile robotics, collaborative robotics and smart manufacturing. With the best-in-class servo performance at the core of Elmo technology, combined with the highest power and intelligence density in the market, Elmo delivers innovative solutions that are unmatched in performance, efficiency, reliability, ease-of-use and standards compliance, giving machine builders a surefire advantage. With over 28 years in motion and over 3 million servo drives installed worldwide, Elmo drives and controllers are ideal for today’s demanding industrial and harsh environment requirements.
Technology Background:
-High Efficiency
-High Power Density
-The world smallest highest power servo drive
-High performance multi axis control
Application: Yes
Development Stage: Production
Target Audience:
-AGV/UGV Automated Guided Vehcles and Unmanned Ground Vehicles
-Autonomous Vehicles
Keywords: Servo, servo drive, motion control, ethercat, motion controller, multi axis control
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Contact Information
phone: (054) 666-9801
3/23/2017 - 3/23/2021
Offer Expires: 3/23/2021
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