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#1078 Commander Innovations, Ltd.
• Industry-exclusive fire-protective coating is tested to 2,000°F and met the test objective; no vapors, smoke, or additional flame
• Energy absorption adhesive can be applied to metals, plastics and other surfaces to provide protection from impact
• Composite vehicle protection technology is 30% lighter and 25% less cost than the high-hard steel equivalent
• Human Body protection technology is lighter and less costly than Kevlar-Dyneema® plates, multi-hit capability, and field repairable / scalable
• Transparent protection technology is lighter, thinner and less costly and scalable to evolving threats
Commander Innovations is a Michigan-based, woman-owned small business. We are passionate about maturing innovative technologies that support the advancement of the United States in the areas of safety and survivability, light-weighting automotive components and transitioning commercial-off-the-shelf components to military and aerospace domains.  Our passion combined with our collective 175-years’ of experience and expertise in Systems Engineering, Product Development, Systems Software, Systems Safety and Manufacturing on large and small programs is used to deploy consulting, mentoring and training services to support the development of the future workforce.  Our team consists of industry experts in automotive, defense and aerospace systems development, integration, production and manufacturing specializing in lean six-sigma.  We have two primary locations for conducting business.  The headquarters including the board of directors is located in Holly, Michigan, with research and development for our technologies in St. Petersburg, Florida.
Offers improvements in crash protection, survivability, and protection for automotive, aircraft, and military applications
Business Collaborations:
Joint Research & Development
Target Customers: InTalTech Ltd, ElbitElbit, Plasan, Rafael
Keywords: Electronics, Batteries, Coating, Armor
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phone: (248) 361-7797
3/23/2017 - 3/23/2021
Offer Expires: 3/23/2021
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