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#1085 CyGov
Technology Description:
The Services CyGov provides include best in class strategy and consulting teams who work to build a tailor made strategy and work plan using our proprietary holistic assessment tool, while creating a clear path how to achieving improved cyber protection. CyGov helps empower governments and with the ability to prevent, detect, respond and recover to the most serious cyber threats they face – today and in the future.
Company Description:
A leading strategic advisory providing governments with cutting edge cyber security capabilities and strategies to be effective today and evolve for sustainable advantage in the future.
Technology Background: Part of a service offering which includes analyzing, strategizing, implementing cyber solutions for governments.
Application: Yes
Development Stage: Version 1.2 in pilot stage
Target Audience: CIOs or CISOs of state, county, and major cities
Keywords: Cyber strategy, cyber assessment, holistic
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Contact Information
phone: (050) 227-2973
3/23/2017 - 3/23/2021
Offer Expires: 3/23/2021
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